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Granjero del cáñamo y paciente de la enfermedad de Crohn

Un artículo de DIE ZEIT el 12 de febrero de 2004 en extractos   El cannabis es un remedio vital para Michael Grosse. Por lo tanto, defiende el derecho de cultivar el material Él inhala la droga ilegal por los síntomas de su enfermedad. Sufre de la enfermedad de Crohn, una enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal crónica…
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Interview with an MS patient

From “Cannabis Culture” 2003 This interview was conducted in connection with the acquittal of Michael F. before the Mannheim District Court. Michael was confirmed by the district court judge that his fundamental right to adequate medication (with marijuana) was to be rated higher than the prohibitions of the BTMG (narcotics law). Michael had grown some…
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CannaBusiness 2002

Excerpts of an article by Peter Golembe in “Cannabis Culture” So I went in search of vaporizers. These are devices that heat up marijuana to the temperatures that are just hot enough to vaporize the cannabinoids, but not hot enough to smoke plant matter (…) AroMed’s “Phyto-Inhalation” is a true marvel of electronics where steam…
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When nothing is smoking when smoking

Süddeutsche Zeitung August 1997 When nothing is smoking when smoking Augsburg / Munich. (AP) Under the motto “Without smoke it works too”, passengers of the regional airline Augsburg Airways can immediately test for the first smoke-free cigarette in the world. Augsburg is next to Stockholm and Chattanooga in the US to three pilot cities, in…
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The US doctor advises: Kiff you healthy!

AZ 11.08.1997 The experts are going much further now. Marijuana works differently than the THC pill. Cannabis can also help patients who suffer from overpressure in the eyeball. And to remedy the annoyance that you must also inhale medically unwanted substances when smoking marijuana, they recommend the development of an inhaler. Hermann-Josef Tenhagen

Medicines for inhalation

from dr. Christian Gerninghaus Use medicines correctly: The use of inhalation drugs is often a major problem for the user. Especially in this application, patient handling is critical. Thus, it is not uncommon for inhaled medicines to not work as they should because of incorrect use. Here are some basic hints to be given. First…
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DE: BUG.13.0798, Oliver Koehler Even if aromatherapy is appended to the essence of the esoteric, this form of homeopathic medicine has far more potential for healing than merely alleviating mental disharmony. Especially in recent years, in the field of clinical medicine, more frequent and more serious about real applications of this, based on the Vedic…
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Joint Venture

Fax mailing list joint venture January 1999 The Aromizer is unfortunately still too unknown a device for pollutant-free inhalation of medicinal herbs, which we can highly recommend you, as we tested it in our own experiment. There is the widespread bad habit of smoking medicinal herbs, which in addition to the pure healing effect also…
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Inhale or eat

ACM Magazine 1999 If cannabis is eaten, the THC is better absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, if at the same time some fat is absorbed. The fat improves the transport of fat-soluble cannabinoids through the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, when using a tea, for example, some cream may be added to the tea, or when using…
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Correspondence with dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen

Letter to Frank Fuchs from: Dr. med Franjo Grotenhermen, Chairman of the Working Group on Cannabis as Medicine e.V. Comment on the therapeutic uptake of cannabinoids by hot air extraction or evaporation: Individual cannabinoids or natural cannabinoid mixtures of the hemp plant are taken up by inhalation or orally for medical use. Intake via the…
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