Joint Venture


Joint Venture

Fax mailing list joint venture January 1999

The Aromizer is unfortunately still too unknown a device for pollutant-free inhalation of medicinal herbs, which we can highly recommend you, as we tested it in our own experiment. There is the widespread bad habit of smoking medicinal herbs, which in addition to the pure healing effect also has undesirable side effects such as stench, red eyes and cough. In the process, the essential oils, which have been the target of attention, dissolve long before the herb has reached the combustion temperature of 240 ° C, in warm air, without smoke, and therefore without condensates and other dirt.

When vaporising with the Aromizer, an unusually clear, invigorating feeling sets in within a few minutes. People who tend to self-destruct, in the long run the scratching in the throat, difficulties in the conversion are inevitable, but others are wonderfully clear. The same can be achieved in principle with a paint remover gun (infinitely adjustable to four and a half), but the Aromizer is considerably less stressful in handling. A big catch is the price, about DM 500. Everyone has to know for themselves what his lungs are worth to him. Anyway, there are more information in good Head Shops.

Joint Venture is alive, although Kleinti had to say goodbye far too soon. Goetz Widmann maintains the Higher Tradition.