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Even if aromatherapy is appended to the essence of the esoteric, this form of homeopathic medicine has far more potential for healing than merely alleviating mental disharmony. Especially in recent years, in the field of clinical medicine, more frequent and more serious about real applications of this, based on the Vedic healing art of Ayurveda healing methods discussed. Possible fields of application: Chronic asthma, various bronchial diseases, menstrual cramps, cataracts, multiple sclerosis and, last but not least, cancers. However, until now the use of aromatherapeutic substances has been made more difficult by the respective methods of intake: steam bath and smoking. With a series of unpleasant concomitant phenomena to be recorded, therefore, conventional medicine has so far relinquished a donation to this healing process. The Aromizer is a vaporiser on the market, which facilitates the ingestion of medicinal plants for home users and therapists. Made by hand in Heidelberg, the device records a breakthrough in homeopathy. It deliberately uses the microchip to implement medical requirements. Similar to its ancestors, the device relies on the simple function of inhaling heated medicinal plants. The difference: in contrast to the smoking process, the mere heating of the plants does not release any carcinogenic pollutants and inhales them. This is followed by a near 100% intake of the herbal active ingredients. To achieve the same effect with herbal tea, the double dose would have to be arranged. The plants are heated by an unusual healing source: a halogen bulb. The temperature is regulated by a Motorola chip.

In the search for the origin of the flavoring would be out of place on the grounds of Heidelberg University Hospital. The ancestors of the device can be found in the scientific family tree under the freak corner. Anyone who still remembers the phenomenally absurd stuttering practice of the “Hot Knives” will know this procedure long ago. The evolution of the principle of pure smoking of smokable substances, however, took its next step in a device that would serve as the prototype for the Aromizer: The Vaporiser. With a hot air blower, marijuana (without nicotine supplement) was heated, not burned, and inhaled without excretion of other vapor substances. Introduced by a medicine man from Chattanoogga, named Eagle Bill, in 1996 in Heidelberg – as part of the alternative event to the 2nd International Congress of the European College of Consciousness Studies (ECBS) -, the device, because of the purity of the substance intake, aroused great interest. From then on, the Aromizer inventor, Frank Fuchs, saw the logical leap forward: “If it is possible to extract the active ingredient vapors from one plant, why not from all other medicinal plants?” In the last two years, all other prototypes of the Aromizer have been developed and tested. The difference to his stepfather, the Vaporiser, is the heat source: light emission instead of hot air. Meanwhile, the patent for the black box has been granted by and a temporary medical license. The Swiss chemist and inventor of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Dr.Dr.h.c.mult. Albert Hofmann, has already made his positive judgment: “Medically sensible and valuable.” Nevertheless, the Aromizer is not an end product as such, as Frank Gill, inventor and developer of the project explained

“The Aromizer is not just MADE IN GERMANY, but HANDMADE in GERMANY.” As a result, large-scale serial production is still pending, but not concrete examples of application.When Chira got into a car accident at the age of 17, irreparable bone cancer was discovered His psychologist recommended a marijuana cure to relieve unbearable pain, and as a friend of Frank Fuchs, he became the initiator of the development of the Aromizer device, “Our aspiration was to build a machine with both Therapist as well as patient. ” The first models resembled a third-world construction but had the following effect: “The first model was housed in a wooden box. The heating regulation was solved with an oven thermostat. “Chira lived four more years, and a year and a half before he died, he began to deal with the idea of ​​reincarnation The last time I saw him was on a park bench, in an unpleasantly cold On a winter night, he was sitting with a friend and enjoying the evening, finding peace and dying shortly thereafter.

In addition to such a marijuana cure for pain, the Aromizer finds further application in a variety of medical areas, especially in B