Medicinal plants


… that can be used in Aromed. Please read the instructions!



Vaporising with the Aromed is very economical. Initially use only about 1/3 of the normal dose for teas or tinctures. Compared to smoking or smoking, the effect is somewhat delayed, since the initial slight pollutants (such as carbon monoxide and dioxides) do not occur when using the vaporizer. You will feel the same effect after two minutes at the latest. We recommend that you use enough liquid during the application (preferably water!).

Do not evaporate any substances unknown to you!

Ask your doctor, naturopath or pharmacist about plants that are recommended for use in Aromed!

Other than the applications described here are excluded from any liability.


Medicinal plants from A to Z

Selected medicinal plants for use with the Aromed vaporizer.

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Symptoms of A-Z

Symptoms and selected medicinal plants for the
Application with the Aromed.

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