Frequently asked Questions


The Aromed vaporizer has been manufactured for over twenty years. The first models have been in daily use ever since. By now, many have realized that using vaporizers is a lot healthier than smoking. We produce a device designed for the phytoinhalation of many different plants and their substances. The Aromed contributes to the well-being and can relieve symptoms of illnesses much quicker than conventional medication as they rely on oral ingestion. The aim of our team is to offer the healthiest and purest alternative for medicinal ingestion and aroma therapy.  

After what time is the Aromed operational?

The Aromed achieves the choosen operating temperature within one minute, thanks to its unique heating technology.

Which herbs can you use with the Aromed, and where can you get them?

Green Gold, the manufacturer of Aromed, has commissioned several experts for eight years to research which medicinal herbs can be used in the vaporizer. The manual supplied with the Aromed lists more than 40 medicinal plants. The publishing house “The Green Force” has published the book “Phyto-Inhalation” (ISBN 3-922708-36-6) about the inhalation witth the Aromed, with more than fifty medicinal plants for vaporization described in detail. Most herbs suitable for phytoinhalation are readibly available at local stores or online. We do carry many herbs in our local store too.

Can liquid substances be used in the Aromed vaporizer?

Yes, we offer a specially made glass-foam pellets for this purpose. Thus, not only tinctures, e.g. from Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also medicinal substances are applicable. Our patients can also inhale the cannabinoid drugs dronabinol and marinol. In contrast to other manufacturer products, the foam pellets are designed for medicinal purposes.

What exactly is the temperature range of the Aromed?

The temperature of the hot air can be adjusted in 1° C increments from 60° C to 235° C – optionally in 2° Fahrenheit steps from 152° F to 455° F; Everything is possible, from the use of aromatic essences to the inhalation of sage ingredients.

Why is the Aromed generating hot air with a light bulb?

The UV-free halogen bulb heats without releasing any pollutants. The generated hot air is tasteless. In other hot air vaporizers, the air comes into contact with materials that exclude particles when heated. For example, the Aromed has a herbal container made of glass, in which the process of vaporization in the light can be closely monitored. Combustion at incorrectly selected temperatures can be easily spotted through the glass and adjusted if needed. As Werner Pieper, author and publisher, said so beautifully: the eye inhales with the Aromed. Unlike other vaporizers the Aromed 4.0 relies on medical grade materials to prevent any form of pollution from entering the lungs. For example: Aluminum, is used as a heating block in other “vaporizers”, whilst it is know that some Lung diseases originate from the inhalation of the vapors produced when aluminum is heated.

The Aromed has, in contrast to other vaporizers, a water filter. Does the water not filter active ingredients too?

In the system of each vaporizer condenses some active ingredient. The water filter is important for finely refined materials! Otherwise, fine dusts penetrate into the lungs with the respiratory air, which in any case are harmful. With solid substances, the water can also be omitted as desired. The water in the Aromed filter can be drunk like a tea – tastes and works! Before the active ingredient is inhaled, the vapor is passed through the Aromeds water filter and a hose. The steam is in rapid flow, and barely loses any active substances to the water.

Why is there no fan integrated in the Aromed vaporizer?

When using the Aromed, only active substances are released when inhaled. By not including a fan there is another pollutant removed from the equation which leads to less things “touching”the air before entering ones lungs. Users can accurately determine your desired dose of inhaled substances. In many fan vaporizers, users are forced to inhale continuously and until the drug is consumed, or to temporarily turn off the device (and then re-heat it). 

Can the Aromed Vaporizer be reimbursed by health insurances?

Yes, but with restrictions:
Many health insurance companies have fully reimbursed the costs of the Aromed as part of the case-by-case examination. However, this is only possible if the patient is boiled off, i.E. if all known therapies failed or only partially improved the symptoms. Green Gold has now successfully completed two field trials with scientists and physicians from the University of Santiago de Cuba. The extremely positive results will hopefully soon convince conventional medical critics.