CannaBusiness 2002


CannaBusiness 2002

Excerpts of an article by Peter Golembe in “Cannabis Culture”

So I went in search of vaporizers. These are devices that heat up marijuana to the temperatures that are just hot enough to vaporize the cannabinoids, but not hot enough to smoke plant matter (…)

AroMed’s “Phyto-Inhalation” is a true marvel of electronics where steam is sent through a water filter before it reaches the lungs. AroMed boss Frank Fuchs claims that his unit has particular advantages over other vaporizer models due to the heating unit used, material selection, temperature control and other technical subtleties. The AroMed has already been used in advanced cannabis testing (…)

In addition, phyto-inhalation is already accepted as a reimbursable treatment by six European health insurance companies.

Fuchs is one of the most authentic guys I met at CannaBusiness. He is neither money-hungry nor on the first person trip – his eyes light up when he describes how his device not only guarantees a really clean cannabinoid supply, but also allows the inhalation of more than 40 other medicinal herbs.