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Home fragrance

Phyto-inhalation as an olfactory experience Author: Frank Fuchs Healing through smoke, fragrance and breath. Fumes of fragrant herbs and woods play an important role in many shamanistic rites and Asian healing. For example, in Ayurvedic aromatherapy, Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese natural medicine, medicinal plants are smoked on charcoal or ignited as incense sticks. The room…
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Winter herbs in vaporizer

A wholesome guide Author: Frank Fuchs Like every year, the common colds are booming in winter. An old saying goes that flu takes a week to cure in bed. If you take medication, the flu lasts seven days … Especially a viral infection is able to align the liberally with pharmaceuticals generously surrounding conventional medicine…
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Werner Pieper in conversation with the vaporizer pioneer Frank Fuchs

The herb remains visible: the eye inhales! Frank, can you somehow fix when ‘that all’ started? In the beginning, i. in the late ’60s was my migraine. Although I came from the countryside but had spent a year in England as a student, solving my pain problems, cannabis, was somewhat exotic to my environment, but…
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